Is There Just One Way to Play Trumpet?

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Pedagogical Contradictions in Trumpet Methods When I first began following trumpet discussions on the internet, in the mid 90’s, I was amazed by how many different approaches there were to playing the trumpet. I grew up thinking that there was … Continued

Daily Routines for Trumpet on Barnes And Noble Nook

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Poking around online, looking for something unrelated to my own books, I stumbled upon my Daily Routines book on Barnes and Noble. This was surprising since I hadn’t done anything to get it there. I know how it got there … Continued

Irons – Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises

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Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises Col. Earl D. Irons The Irons book is one of those books I was practicing when I wrote my first book. It was part of the inspiration which determined how my book would be organized. In … Continued

Book Review: The Secret of Technique Preservation

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The Secret of Technique Preservation – Ernest S. Williams Publisher: Charles Colin Copyright: 1980 No. Pages: 16 Content: Two pages of text and fourteen pages of exercises which include: Exercises for Limbering Lips and Fingers Major Scales Trills Minor Scales … Continued