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Jazz Trumpet Exercises: Modified Clarke Study

This scale pattern is meant to be played as fast as possible. This is not something you would actually play in a solo, but the technique you acquire from practicing it is transferable to almost anything else you play. Just … Continue reading

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Chops Express: Trumpet Pioneer Routine

A Quick Warm-Up Because of time restrictions due to a heavy schedule today, I decided to do the easiest routine in my Chops Express book as a warm up. I’ve done this with the Group One routine in the Daily … Continue reading

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Manhattan Transfer Performance

Angelina Arts Alliance Presents Manhattan Transfer God willing, it looks like I’m going to be playing with the most famous vocal jazz group in the world, the Manhattan Transfer! I just got the email over the weekend and accepted the … Continue reading

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Trane for Trumpet

Practicing John Coltrane’s Giant Steps on Trumpet Trane for Trumpet was originally a box of paper scraps I collected with notes to myself about how I would like to approach learning to improvise on the tune called Giant Steps. For … Continue reading

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Texas All-State Book for Trumpet

This year’s All-State audition music, for the trumpets, was taken from Voxman’s Selected Studies. It is a bit late for you to do this now, for this year, but every year I make a recording of as many of the … Continue reading

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Sure Footing

I was thinking about this video during one of my student’s lessons today. I think someone on TPIN posted a link to this video because there’s a jazz trumpet player on it. But that has nothing to do with why … Continue reading

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The Physical Trumpet Pyramid

The Physical Trumpet Pyramid is a method I developed in the mid 1980’s. It is the concept behind my Daily Routines and Chops Express books and the foundation for the physical side of my trumpet teaching. Interestingly, the original edition … Continue reading

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