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Be the Boss

Polka Trumpet Player

I woke up this morning thinking about an adult student I started last week. Those of you who know me as a teacher know that I make it a point to emphasize YOUR goals instead of mine. You have somewhere … Continue reading

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Put It Where It Belongs

Musical Wisdom Just after I quit the jazz lab band while I was a student at UTEP (the University of Texas at El Paso), they hired Dizzy Gillespie to be the guest soloist for the band. Although I was no … Continue reading

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Jazz Trumpet Exercise: Dizzy Gillespie Pattern

Dizzy Gillespie Scale Pattern Here is a scale pattern I adapted and expanded from a famous Dizzy Gillespie lick. I remember reading somewhere that Dizzy wasn’t the first player to use this lick in his solos, but it did become … Continue reading

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Student CD Mixing and Mastering

Final Stages of Student CD We are in the final stages of mixing and mastering the CD for our students. I have a gig today, midday, and then I’ll be heading to the parent show for Alex’s marching band. The … Continue reading

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