Irons – Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises

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Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises Col. Earl D. Irons The Irons book is one of those books I was practicing when I wrote my first book. It was part of the inspiration which determined how my book would be organized. In … Continued

Jazz Trumpet Exercises: Modified Clarke Study

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This scale pattern is meant to be played as fast as possible. This is not something you would actually play in a solo, but the technique you acquire from practicing it is transferable to almost anything else you play. Just … Continued

My Improvised Solo on Prelude and Funk

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Pearl and I took a trip to San Antonio in August to play with the Loud Jazz Band. Ed Sherry invited me to play some of my charts with the band and we took him up on the offer. We … Continued

Wholesome Musical Priorities

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Music in Our Lives Everyone once in a while a student will arrive to the lesson with an apology for not practicing. He will explain that his Grandmother had just passed away and that the family was out of town … Continued

Book Review: Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation

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Title: Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation Author: Ramon Ricker No. Pages: 84 Difficulty Level: 4 – 7 Content: 37 Pages of explanation, theory and analysis followed by 40 pages of exercises. The exercises include “Diatonic Exercises”, “Chromatic Exercises”, “Exercises on … Continued