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Daily Routines or Chops Express?

I am often asked by prospective customers which they should buy, the new Chops Express book or the tried and true Daily Routines book? The answer to that question really depends on you. The books are both based on the … Continue reading

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Truth vs. The Truth

Over the past nine months I have had various conversations with Pearl and several different friends for which I used language that made me sound like I was trying to speak about philosophy. After one of those friends pointed out … Continue reading

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Life Builders: Jeff Lewis

Doing it Right Jeff is by far the most successful of us four siblings. Jeff is the one who did everything the right way and is living a life that reflects his high level of foresight and dedication. In that … Continue reading

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The Physical Trumpet Pyramid

The Physical Trumpet Pyramid is a method I developed in the mid 1980’s. It is the concept behind my Daily Routines and Chops Express books and the foundation for the physical side of my trumpet teaching. Interestingly, the original edition … Continue reading

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