NEW: Skype Lessons

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After dragging my feet for years, I have finally given into the idea of offering private trumpet lessons over a Skype connection. Skype Lessons for Trumpet It’s official! We are now offering what used to be called “Internet Trumpet Lessons,” … Continued

Is There Just One Way to Play Trumpet?

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Pedagogical Contradictions in Trumpet Methods When I first began following trumpet discussions on the internet, in the mid 90’s, I was amazed by how many different approaches there were to playing the trumpet. I grew up thinking that there was … Continued

Approved Teachers Lists – We Want You!!!

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Doing More for More People Now that the online music store has been updated, we are in a better position to do more for more people without neglecting anyone in the process. As we move forward in our business plans, … Continued

Trumpet Transposition a Necessary Skill

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Transposition as a Basic Skill I played the Spanish service at Lakewood Church yesterday and one of the songs we did was in a different key from the written music. No biggie, the band just transposed on sight (or by … Continued

Student CD Mixing and Mastering

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Final Stages of Student CD We are in the final stages of mixing and mastering the CD for our students. I have a gig today, midday, and then I’ll be heading to the parent show for Alex’s marching band. The … Continued