Texas All-State Jazz Trombone Etude

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I submitted a jazz etude to TAJE (The Texas Association of Jazz Educators) again this year. But this time I wrote a trombone etude instead of trumpet. The reason for this was because I judged the trombones for All-State Jazz … Continued

Why Write Jazz Etudes?

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I just finished and submitted an etude for this year’s Texas All-State Jazz trumpet auditions. I’ve submitted similar etudes every year for about five years now, I think. This year was a little different because I didn’t have much time … Continued

Auld Lang Syne

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I used to have a tradition each year that was previously interrupted over the past several years because my New Year’s Eve gig was in Las Vegas. That tradition involved looking back at the previous year, writing about it, thinking … Continued

Judging Texas All-State Jazz Trumpets

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Texas All-State Jazz Judge Saturday was my first time judging at the All-State level. The auditions were held here, locally in the Houston area, and I was invited to sit on one of the panels. My secondary objective when I … Continued