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Music Lesson Studio Makeover

After months of planning and weeks of physical effort, we finally near the end of the studio makeover. The following pictures show some before shots, a few action shots, and then some photos of how the room looks right now. … Continue reading

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Trumpet Analogies

Revealing What’s Hidden If you hang around trumpet (and other brass instrument) teachers long enough, you will learn that we have a tendency to use a lot of analogies. There is a reason for this. In contrast to instruments like … Continue reading

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How Expectations Destroy Stereotypes

Most of my students know that my thoughts often congregate on one philosophical topic at a time and my teaching goes through waves of changing emphasis. As I learn new things about trumpet, teaching, learning and life in general, I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Daily Routines!

Twenty-One Years This Fall! It’s official! My Daily Routines book is now old enough to party. Twenty-One years ago this Autumn I completed and sold the very first copies of what has become our best selling book. Over the past … Continue reading

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Texas All-State Jazz Trumpet Etude Recordings

Here are my recordings of this year’s All-State jazz audition music.

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How to Learn Vibrato On Trumpet

Natural Vibrato Is Best Every once in a while we get what we call “Occasional Students.” These are typically trumpet players who do not live in Houston and obviously cannot commit to regular weekly lessons. I have taught trumpet players … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Trying Harder

Follow the Program and Watch What Happens As I have said in previous posts, I love working with the adult students because they are so articulate. They give me the kind of feedback about my method that I could never … Continue reading

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