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Trumpeter’s Thoughtless Journey

Thoughtless Journey This is free improv number 63 in my trumpet free improv video series. This one stands out as being a little more unique than some of the others. I won’t try to describe it. You can listen to … Continue reading

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Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

This Week’s Unadorned Trumpet Hymn Here’s another beautiful hymn from the 19th century. This one is a bit unique compared to a lot of the other hymns. It has some very interesting chromatic harmonies. You don’t hear the full extent … Continue reading

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New Free Improvisation

Bebopical Consequences This video is number 45 in my free improvisation series. It has a little more of a jazz flavor than some of the other improvisations I’ve done lately. Not sure why that has been happening. But that’s the … Continue reading

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Israel Houghton Concert and Military Funeral

Israel Houghton Concert This week was an extremely busy week. I taught my full student load and also worked three rehearsals, four performances and a funeral into the schedule. Three of those performances were Israel Houghton concerts at Lakewood Church. … Continue reading

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Arutunian Trumpet Concerto

A Powerful Trumpet Feature Class One Solo for Texas UIL Although the Arutunian is one of the newest works in my repertoire, it quickly became one of my favorites. I know of no other trumpet solo that has so much … Continue reading

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YouTube Post: Rhythm Changes Solo

Eddie Lewis’ Improvised Solo Over Rhythm Changes This is a live performance with the Loud Jazz Ensemble in San Antonio, TX. The Loud Jazz Band is a reading band that meets once a month at the Blue Star Brewery. They … Continue reading

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Herbert L. Clarke: Bride of the Waves

A Good High School Contest Piece The Bride of the Waves is one of the most popular solos in the cornet (or trumpet) repertoire list. It’s wonderful that the Library of Congress has made this historic recording available this way. … Continue reading

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