Irons – Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises

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Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises Col. Earl D. Irons The Irons book is one of those books I was practicing when I wrote my first book. It was part of the inspiration which determined how my book would be organized. In … Continued

Arban Complete Conservatory Method

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Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method Often referred to as the trumpeter’s bible, Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method is the most used and most referred to trumpet book ever written. Written in the late 19th century, it is now in the public domain … Continued

Jazz Trumpet Exercises: Modified Clarke Study

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This scale pattern is meant to be played as fast as possible. This is not something you would actually play in a solo, but the technique you acquire from practicing it is transferable to almost anything else you play. Just … Continued

Farewell to the Forest

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Victor Brass Quartet Here’s another recording of Herbert L. Clarke performing with the Victor Brass Quartet; Herbert L. Clarke and Emil Keneke on cornet, and Howard Rattay and Fred Schrader on trombone. I’ve been posting one of these Herbert L. … Continued

Herbert L. Clarke – Victor Brass Quartet – On the Sea

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One The Sea by Felix Mendelssohn Here is a wonderful recording of a brass quartet featuring Herbert L. Clarke and Emil Keneke on cornet, and Fred Schrader and Howard Rattay on trombone. The Library of Congress has made an entire … Continued

Herbert L. Clarke: Bride of the Waves

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A Good High School Contest Piece The Bride of the Waves is one of the most popular solos in the cornet (or trumpet) repertoire list. It’s wonderful that the Library of Congress has made this historic recording available this way. … Continued