Master 101 Celebrations Trumpet Duets

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Celebrations Trumpet Duets

Celebrations Trumpet Duets - 101 Original Duets for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis
Celebrations Trumpet Duets by Eddie Lewis

If I am allowed to have a favorite, I would have to say that the Celebrations trumpet duets is my favorite of all my books. Besides the fact that it’s fun, challenging and unique, as a complete work it has a significant meaning to me in my life.

I began writing duets again in the early part of this decade. At first I only wrote them for fun. Then I decided to make a project out of it. Then personal tragedy struck and the duets came to represent  second chances. In that sense, it’s not just another duet book. My heart and soul is contained within it’s pages.

That said, the book is laid out in a way that lends itself very well for use in private lessons. The individual duets are arranged in a progressive order spanning from easy whole-note duets and progressing to virtuosic duets that present a challenge to most professional players.

Click here for a sample of the duets.

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Here are a few comments people have made about Celebrations over the past several years:

David H. Bailey – The David Bailey Music Studio, New Hampshire
“I have used Celebrations in my private teaching since I first received the book, and have to say that the wide range of styles as well was the wide range of difficulty in the duets makes it a perfect addition to any teacher’s library. The students who have played the duets with me have enjoyed them, as have their parents who heard them through the closed door of my studio. It’s a great book at a great price and will provide a lot of great music-making.”

Chris Gekker – University of Maryland:
“Your duets have been a great addition to my teaching. I like to do some sight-reading at each students’ lesson, and in your book there is so much variety and range of styles. Some duets are very simple, which can be deceptively challenging, and others have intervallic and rhythmic demands that are quite ambitious. I also appreciate the “swing” duets, of which there are a number: gone are the days when any trumpeter can ignore being able to play well in this manner. Congratulations on such a fine book, and I’m grateful for your contribution to our quest of becoming better musicians and trumpeters.”

Dick Schaffer:
“Just received the books. What a wonderful, cheerful, joyous book Celebration is! I intend to “beat my students up” with it. It has something for everyone, from beginner to professional. It’s a playing encyclopedia, pure and simple.”

Lonnie Lalanne – Freelance Trumpeter – Houston:
“I’m on 74, 75 and 76 in your duet book. Man, I just want to thank you for this stuff. It’s really perfect for a pro player to cover those styles and I’m gong to tell you the truth – you’re kind of a jerk though – some of that stuff you do, man, that trickery – I really like it. Thanks Eddie.”

Celebrations was also reviewed in a recent issue of the ITG Journal (Page 99). The reviewer, Brian Winegardner, says:

“The musical quality and ingenuity found in these short compositions is unique, making the playing of these duets extremely enjoyable. Eddie Lewis has created an extraordinary collection of trumpet duets. The variety of styles and difficulty levels found in Celebrations make it a valuable and versatile duet book for all trumpet players, from a high school student to a professional.”

Followup (1/9/2020)

I wrote this post many years ago and am revisiting it now because we are trying to clean up our advertising materials for the books. I just added the video to the top of the page and will be cleaning up the text and links, etc.

It took years for this book to become popular. For a while, I was beginning to think it never would take off. I have theories about why it didn’t do as well as I thought it would, but I talk about that in my videos. If you are interested in checking out my channel on Youtube, click HERE. But today, the book is doing great. What prompted me to update this page today is that we sold a bunch of copies of he book this month, internationally, and I thought I should make sure that people can read about the book if they want to.

So yes, now the book is available at stores all over the world and people are buying it. I am so thankful because the duets are meaningless without people playing them.

Celebrations Trumpet Duets on Vacation

I want to leave you with this one story that has happened since I first published this blog post. A professional trumpet player friend of mine, Danny Wilson, has a son who also plays trumpet. Danny bought the Celebrations trumpet duets for the two of them to play together. Danny has told me several times that when the family goes on vacation, they take the Celebrations book with them and play my duets.

Since then, I have heard of several other families who are doing similar things. Not specifically playing the duets on their vacations, but making the Celebrations duet book part of their family fun time.

It warms my heart to see my music being used this way.

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