Centered Trumpet Buzz? Q and A 40

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by Eddie Lewis

Live Stream Q and A

We are going into this week’s live stream Q and A with four questions. An interesting questions just came in today. Centered trumpet buzz? When you do a lip buzz, should it be centered on the lips. I think the answer to that question will surprise you.

We also have questions about listening to opera singers, developing range for 8th grade trumpet students and learning how to improvise.

Centered Trumpet Buzz?

Should your buzz be centered?

This is actually one of the very first questions I ever received from another pro player when I first published my Physical Trumpet Pyramid book. He tried my routines for a while, liked them, but had a question that raised concerns for him. When he buzzed, the buzz was not centered.

My answer is simply that it doesn’t matter.

The way the lips behave without the mouthpiece is going to be different. This is not something you need to “fix”.

For me, the primary purpose of the free lip buzz is learning how to control the posture of the lips for optimum tone quality and better physical control over the instrument. None of this has anything to do with whether the aperture is centered on the lips or not.

My buzz is not centered. It has never been centered and I have no reason to try to center it.

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We begin the live stream Q and A at 5:00 today. Please feel free to join us if you have any trumpet questions.

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