Couesnon Flugelhorn for Sale

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Couesnon Flugelhorn for Sale

Hello everyone. I’ve been sitting on this for months and just haven’t had the time to tell everyone about it. I have a Couesnon Flugelhorn for sale that is in very good shape compared to other flugelhorns from this time. It’s got the original case, mouthpiece, lyre, etc. The horn looks like it’s rarely been played.

A Special Instrument Not for Just Anyone

This is not a horn I want to go to someone who won’t appreciate it. It’s in such wonderful condition that it should go to someone who is actually looking for a Couesnon. The Couesnon flugelhorn was considered the go to flugelhorn for jazz players for many years. Then, in the early 70’s the factory burned down. That wasn’t the end of the flugelhorn, from what I hear, but they became more rare and hard to find after that.

So, I wont go as far as to say that these are collectors items. It’s not so much that they are collectors items as it is that they are special horns, part of the history of jazz as we know it. Players who are looking for the classic sound are still seeking these instruments because they have a very characteristic sound.

Click HERE for a basic summary of the Couesnon legacy.

My Price and Why I’m Listing It Here

I’m asking $3,200 for the instrument. Free shipping anywhere in the USA.

I’m listing it here because I don’t want just any stranger to get the horn. I want to do what I can to make sure that this instrument goes to someone who is going to appreciate it. I will start here and with my friends on facebook, then I will work my way out towards the complete strangers.

If you are interested in the instrument, please contact me by clicking here.

Slight Blemishes

There are a few extremely minor blemishes on the instrument that you need to know about before you consider purchasing the instrument.

Lacquer degradation on the the bell and lead-pipe. I believe this was caused by something inside the case. It looks like something dripped onto the bell from inside the case. That’s my theory but I don’t know for sure.

A very slight dent on the bend of the bell. You almost can’t see it. You have to hold the horn at the right angle to even see it. The dent was difficult to capture in a photo, but I did. You can see it in one of the photos below.

There is a tiny black mark on the bell. You can see it in one of the photos below. This one looks like it may have been there since the horn was made. I just thought it was important to mention it here.

Some silver is peeling off of the mouthpiece. It is the original mouthpiece and I am playing on it in the video above. It works, but it’s not in as good of shape as the flugelhorn is.

The case is in wonderful condition but it is not perfect. Some of the threads are loose and the stuffing seems to be a little on the lumpy side. It works functionally well. The horn fits nice and snug. It just doesn’t look “like new” on the inside. Considering that it’s the original case, I think it looks amazing.

Photos of the Qouesnon Flugelhorn for Sale

Here are some pictures for your convenience:

quoesnon flugelhorn for sale
Side view.
cuoesnon flugelhorn for sale
Flip side view.
Cuoesnon Flugelhorn Valves
Very nice valves.
Couesnon Serial Number 68229
Serial Number 68229
Lacquer Degredation
Lacquer Degradation on the Bell
Slight Dent
Tiny black mark not visible from a few feet.
Very slight dent on the backside of the bell.
Couesnon Flugelhorn in Original Case
Qouesnon Flugelhorn in the Original Case
The Case
The Case
Inside the Case
Inside the Case.
The Case
The Case
The Mouthpiece
Some of he silver is coming off of the mouthpeice.
The Mouthpiece
The Mouthpiece
Couesnon Flugelhorn for Sale

Here is a Couesnon Flugelhorn for sale in wonderful condition for its age. It comes with original case, mouthpiece and lyre.

Product Brand: Couesnon

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 3200

Price Valid Until: 2019-12-31

Product In-Stock: 1

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