Daily Routines for Trumpet

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Daily Routines for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis
Daily Routines for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis

Daily Routines for Trumpet

has been my most successful book. As of this year (2011), I have written sixteen trumpet methods and continue to sell most of them through our online music store called Tiger Music and also at lulu.com, but Daily Routines has always been our number one seller. It has helped literally hundreds of trumpet players with the physical aspects of their playing; range, endurance, flexibility, articulation and sound.

The Daily Routines for Trumpet book is a collection of seven graduated routines starting from beginner and progressing to virtuoso. This graduated organization makes it easy for trumpet players to grow their strength over time without radically changing their daily practice habits.

Each routine includes exercises for lip buzz, mouthpiece buzz, long tones, lip slurs, articulation and multiple tonguing. The exercises are always practiced in this precise order and I always tell my students that it is the order of the exercises which is most important and not the exercises themselves.

There are a number of trumpet teachers across the country who regularly practice the Daily Routines book and we are working on a distribution list for recommending them as teachers of this method. Please stay tuned for more information.

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