Daily Routines for Trumpet: 2nd & Best Book

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by Eddie Lewis

Daily Routines for Trumpet

Daily Routines for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis - (cover art by Dr. Pearl Lewis)
Cover art by Dr. Pearl Lewis

Daily Routines for Trumpet has been my most successful book. It was my second book, based on the first (the Physical Trumpet Pyramid) and written specifically for the students I was teaching at the time.

The Daily Routines for Trumpet book is a collection of seven graduated routines starting from beginner and progressing to virtuoso. This graduated organization makes it easy for trumpet players to grow their strength over time without radically changing their daily practice habits.

Each routine includes exercises for lip buzz, mouthpiece buzz, long tones, lip slurs, articulation and multiple tonguing. The exercises are always practiced in this precise order and I always tell my students that it is the order of the exercises which is most important and not the exercises themselves.

In more recent routine books I have changed that order just a bit. The scale exercises, which are called Tonalization Studies, are at the end of the routine in the Daily Routines book. Today we do the Tonalization Studies between the long tones and the lip slurs. Other than this one change, the order is still the same today.

How Personalization Turned Into a Graduated Method

The Daily Routines book is based on the Physical Trumpet Pyramid. This was the structure I was using in my own practice for about five years by the time I began writing exercises out for my students.

The Daily Routines' very first cover.
The very first versions of the
Daily Routines book had construction
paper covers with handwritten text.

To be clear, when I refer to the Physical Trumpet Pyramid in this context, I am not talking about the book. The book didn’t exist yet. The pyramid structure at this point was just a concept.

In fact, the Physical Trumpet Pyramid only became a book because I thought my students at the time would learn the concept and then apply it to their own practice. That didn’t work. I used to say that the Physical Trumpet Pyramid, as a book, was a complete failure. I said that because the students I was teaching couldn’t apply the concepts themselves. I later realized that there’s a legitimate reason for this. So we later rewrote the book (2nd and 3rd editions) and some of the local teachers here in Houston refer to it as “the teacher’s manual”.

Realizing that the Physical Trumpet Pyramid wasn’t going to be enough for the individual students, I decided to apply the concept for each of the students individually. Each of the routines in the Daily Routines book was written specifically for the students I was teaching at the time.

This was in the late 80’s and I was blessed to already be teaching students of every level. I was teaching LOTS of beginners, dozens of high school students and a few college and even pro students. Each student needed routines that were customized for their personal abilities.

Part of the strength of the Daily Routines for Trumpet is that each of the exercise types covers the students full range. But students of different skill levels are going to have different ranges. Thus the need for seven different routines.

Demand Rotations

Second version of Daily Routines for Trumpet cover.
After buying my first computer,
the Daily Routines book
graduated to card stock
covers with comb binding and
DomCasual font.

It wasn’t until after we published the Daily Routines book that I realized that the different routine levels could be used to alternate physical difficulty on different days. This demand rotation has since become a very important part of my teaching philosophy.

The idea is to give your chops a rest on certain days of the week without taking the day off completely from the trumpet. If you have a range up to high C, then you would only practice the routine with high C in it twice per week. On the other days you will play lower routines. The exercises are the same and you do them in the same order every day, but there is less demand on the chops when you practice the lower routines.

If you are interested in this concept, we talk about it in great detail in the One Range book. You can read more about the One Range book by clicking on the following button:

Don’t Drill the Exercises

Something to keep in mind about these routines is that they are meant to be played through once. It’s a waste of time to drill the exercises. If you get them wrong or play sloppy or make mistakes, then make a mental note of the errors and try not to make those mistakes next time.

I like to compare these exercises to athletes doing push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. If an athlete feels like the hundred push-ups he just did weren’t good enough, does he do them again???? NO, absolutely not.

The routines are the same way. We do them daily because there are very real, tangible benefits to doing them daily. When you stop the process to perfect them, the benefits are reduced, not improved.

This is a very important point. There are too many people trying to perfect these exercises and it ruins the entire process.

Trumpet Chops: New and Improved Daily Routines

Daily Routines for trumpet 3rd cover version.
After 2000 the Daily Routines book
got a face lift with a slightly better
font and slightly better design.

The Daily Routines book is now decades old. It still works and people are still benefiting from it all around the world. But I am in the process of improving the routines and replacing them. The Daily Routines will always be available. We may even do a 3rd edition to get the publishing quality up with today’s standards. But the Trumpet Chops series (and later the entire book), is going to be better.

As of today we have published the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th routines in the series. When the other three are completed we will compile them into a book and start promoting it instead of this Daily Routines book.

This process is taking a little longer than expected, but we are making steady progress.

I tell you about the trumpet chops series only so you know that the Daily Routines book is not our best routine. If you want to wait you can keep your eye open for the chops series when it comes out.

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You can purchase Daily Routines for Trumpet at the following links:

Daily Routines new art work
Marrying an artist has its perks.
My wife, Pearl, designed the
current cover using pastels
on paper. We’ve been using
this cover since about 2007.

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