Dawn on the Bayou – Improv 79

Dawn on the Bayou
Dawn on the Bayou, by Eddie Lewis

New Free Improvisation Idea

I’m going to try something very different this week. With almost all my other videos, I have begun writing about the subject first, and then doing the video. For the educational stuff, this helps get my thoughts organized before I make the video. For the hymns, this helps get my heart in the right place before I pick the horn up to record.

I hadn’t done this with the free improvisations for what I hope are obvious reasons. When I do a free improvisation, it’s usually off the top of my head. I don’t think about anything before I start. No preparation. It’s not that this is not allowed or anything like that. I just consider it a bit of a challenge to record that way.

But today I want to try something different. I have a lot of photos on this blog. Since I went through and got rid of some of the old posts, those photos are just taking up space. So I had this idea to do free improvisations based on some of these photos.

Dawn on the Bayou

This photo is from the last fishing trip I took with my father. So not only is it beautiful, it also has a lot of sentimental meaning to me.

I miss my father. I miss who he was in my life. I miss knowing that he made a difference in this world, a difference that set the balance of my life off after he passed.

But this photo is of a sunrise, not a sunset. With the passing of one season is the beginning of a new season.

Let’s see how this goes. Here’s Dawn on the Bayou, my musical improvisation based on the photo and my memories that go with it.

Last week’s Free Improvisation was Stuck Gato. Click HERE if you missed it.

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