Eddie Lewis trumpet teacher, composer and freelance performer based in Houston, Texas. He has authored dozens of trumpet method books, written hundreds of compositions, and recorded dozens of albums. Eddie’s trumpet recordings are streamed world wide thousands of times per week.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet Teacher

Eddie has been teaching private trumpet lessons since 1980. He started teaching in El Paso but has been teaching trumpet lessons in Houston since 1988.

As a result of his experience as a trumpet teacher, Eddie has authored a long list of trumpet methods. Some of these trumpet books are available in books stores around the world, including Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet - One Range: a Trumpet Chops Strategy Guide

Eddie has been most well known for helping trumpet players fix their “chop problems”. In 2019 he published a book that summarizes his overall approach to trumpet chops. He calls it One Range: A Trumpet Chops Strategy Guide. It’s short, very easy to understand instruction book that gives the students very clear strategies on how to build their chops without sacrificing the more musical aspects of their trumpet playing.

Most of Eddie Lewis trumpet books are available at Lulu.com. We are still working on getting some of his older books distributed to the world market.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet Composer

Eddie Lewis has written hundreds of compositions and countless arrangements. Some of his trumpet compositions can be purchased at his online music store, Tiger Music. You can also purchase his sheet music at Sheet Music Plus.

Eddie composed hundreds of works before the internet made it so easy to publish. Most of those early compositions were written by hand on traditional manuscript paper. The work it takes to transfer an old hand written composition into digital format is the same as writing a new composition. So most of what you can find of Eddie’s work online are his more recent compositions.

Most of the stuff available online is also trumpet music. This is because Eddie doesn’t like to post compositions without live recordings (as opposed to computer generated sounds). He lists the trumpet music because he can make those recordings himself, but he has written for other instrumentation.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet Freelancer

As a freelance trumpet player, Eddie Lewis has played with over a hundred different local Houston bands. He has also backed a long list of famous bands and musicians from a variety of different genres ranging from Portugal the Man to Johnny Mathis.

This is a video clip from the last tune of a performance Eddie did with the Temptations. Eddie first performed with the Temptations when he was a university student in the 80’s. He has performed with them many times since.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet Recordings

Eddie Lewis Trumpet Recording Streams
This map represents Eddie Lewis’ recording streams for ninety days in 2019. Most of these streams are from his Unadorned Trumpet Hymn albums.

Eddie has been at home in the recording studio his entire adult life. His first professional recording session was a jingle for Budwiser that aired in Mexico for several years in the 80’s. He has recorded hundreds of sessions since, including many CDs for local Houston bands.

In 2013 Eddie began releasing his own albums that have been doing surprisingly well. The map image above shows ninety days of streams on Spotify alone.

Trumpet YouTube Channel

Eddie is also active as a YouTube creator. He actively posts videos of his trumpet playing, recordings of his compositions, trumpet lesson tips and even hosts a semi-weekly, live Trumpet Q and A session. Feel free to check out his channel by clicking HERE.