Faith Is a Living Power from Heaven

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Faith Is a Living Power from Heaven

Petrus Herbertus, Catherine Winkworth, W. Moore
Eddie Lewis on Trumpet

Living Power! This week’s Unadorned Trumpet Hymn talks about faith as a “living power” that brings peace, and “grasps the promises” of God.

This is another very old hymn. This one was written in 1566. This music is much newer than that, being written just over a hundred years ago.

The World is Against Living in Faith

Antonin Scalia talking about this same living power that I am.
I saw this MEME on Facebook after I had already written this blog post. I realized immediately that Antonin Scalia is saying almost the same thing as I am. So, I decided to include it in this post.

If you make an effort to live your life in faith in God’s love, then you already know that it’s not very popular. People think you are nuts, and irresponsible, and naive.

To be fair, some people get it wrong. Living in faith is not another word for laziness. Living in faith does not mean you just sit around doing nothing, having faith that God will do everything for you.

My favorite psalm for many years was Psalm 127:

127 Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Psalm 127:1

I don’t think we are supposed to NOT build the house! I don’t think we are supposed to NOT watch the city.

But my point is that, when we do get it right, walking in faith and still DOING what we are supposed to do, then this puts us at odds with the rest of the world. It’s like we are super heros, set apart from the rest of the world through this “living power” of faith.

Here is the full text of the hymn…

  1. Faith is a living pow’r from Heav’n
    That grasps the promise God hath giv’n,
    A trust that cannot be o’erthrown,
    Fixed heartily on Christ alone.
  2. Faith finds in Christ whate’er we need
    To save or strengthen us indeed,
    Receives the grace He sends us down,
    And makes us share His cross and crown.
  3. Faith in the conscience worketh peace,
    And bids the mourner’s weeping cease;
    By faith the children’s right we claim,
    And call upon our Father’s name.
  4. Faith feels the Spirit’s kindling breath
    In love and hope that conquer death;
    Faith worketh hourly joy in God,
    And trusts and blesses e’en the rod.
  5. We thank Thee then, O God of Heav’n,
    That Thou to us this faith hast giv’n
    In Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who is
    Our only fount and source of bliss.
  6. And from His fullness grant each soul
    The rightful faith’s true end and goal,
    The blessedness no foes destroy,
    Eternal love and light and joy.

I have been getting most of my hymn information from

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