Father, We Thank Thee

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Father, We Thank Thee

by Rebecca J. Weston and Daniel J. Batchellor
Eddie Lewis on Trumpet

This week’s Unadorned Trumpet Hymn is a Thanksgiving hymn. Let’s all be thankful for the gifts God, our Heavenly Father, has given us. Turn your eyes away from the ugliness of this world and and spend some time being thankful for what we have.

Here is the full text of the hymn. It’s a short one:

  1. Father, we thank Thee for the night,
    And for the pleasant morning light;
    For rest and food and loving care,
    And all that makes the world so fair.
  2. Help us to do the things we should,
    To be to others kind and good;
    In all we do, in work or play,
    To love Thee better day by day.

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