Founding Father: Free Improv 76

Founding Father: Free Improvisation No. 76

Eddie Lewis on Trumpet

Here is this week’s installment in the Free Improvisation video series. I call it Founding Father because that’s what my wife said I look like with this beard when she saw the video.

This improvisation is a lot more messy than some of the others. I noticed the messiness when I was playing but made a conscious decision to keep going and record it anyway. It’s also a lot less focused than most of the other improvisations.

Actually, as I sit writing this, I can’t remember much of what’s on the recording. I went someplace in my mind where the music was more automatic than it had been so far. Hard to describe. I’ve decided to not listen to it until it is published today. We’ll see how bad it really is then.

Last week’s free improv video was One Nation. Click HERE if you missed it.

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