Freedom Fails: Trumpet Improv 77

Freedom Fails – Free Improvisation 77

Free Improvisation by Eddie Lewis.

Before I write more, let me begin by clarifying that the “fails” in the title is being used as a noun, not a verb. 🙂

At least….

that’s the only way I could justify using it. Sometimes finding titles for these improvisations is far more difficult than performing and making the videos. I got this title “Freedom Fails” from the first three notes of the improv. The words kept popping into my head. It doesn’t mean anything….really…..but I couldn’t shake the words.

A Little Funky

This one is a bit on the funky side. Funky in the genre sense. I was feeling something along the lines of Stevie Wonder. Maybe you can hear some of that? Maybe not. But that’s the feel I had going into it.

Of course, I had to break away from it and do some outside stuff on it.

Keeping Time

The most difficult part of doing these quicker improvisations is keeping time. In this video, there are a few places where my time got a little off and then I picked it back up again. Which, in a sense, creates an interesting feel. But the truth is, it felt uncomfortable to me when I was doing it.

Listening back while editing, I don’t sense the discomfort I was hearing.

That’s been my experience with a lot of things related to improvisation. Sometimes the things that stress you out while you are improvising are actually the things that sound best on the recording. It really reminds me of something my comp professor and I used to talk about in our composition lesson. Dr. Joseph Packales used to say that the way we notate the music can really stress the musicians out. BUT….. Sometimes we want that.

In this case, it was me stressing my own self out. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the improvisation.

Last week’s Trumpet Free Improvisation video was Founding Father. Click HERE if you missed it.

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