Go With the Flow – Flow Study Etudes

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go with the flow study etudes for trumpet
Go With the Flow for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis

Go With the Flow

I wrote Go With the Flow in the early 90’s because I wanted to have flow study etudes to use with my less advanced students.

The flow study concept has its roots in the teachings of cornet soloist named Herbert L. Clarke who actually referred to them as “moving long tones.” The concept is to use the same air delivery on the moving notes as you would typically use on a long tone (hence the name “moving long tones”). We know them today as “Flow Studies” through the teachings of Vincent Cichowicz and the famous Chicago school of brass playing.

Flow Study Etudes

I practiced flow studies for years before I began writing original etudes for my students. As I have said many times in the past, I do not waste time writing what I know has already been written. Yes, many flow studies had been composed by the time I wrote this book, but very few of them met the exact needs of my current students. Composing original flow study etudes was my way of introducing those students to the flow study concept without having to wait until they had the skills and range to use what was already available.

Of course, that doesn’t explain the second half of the book which is very difficult. All of my books from the 90’s were intended to be graduated for all levels of trumpet players. So yes, the easier stuff is in the book, but for the sake of completeness, I did compose flow studies for the more advanced players.

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