Graduation March Song Trumpet Quartet

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by Eddie Lewis

Trumpet quartet sheet music for Graduation March song is available at:

Graduation March Song

Graduation March trumpet quartet sheet music pdf

This little trumpet piece holds a fond place in my heart. I wrote it for twins, Andrew and Robert, who had studied privately with me for many years.

They started with me as students in a home school trumpet group that I started for my son, who was I was home schooling at the time. I think they were in fourth or fifth grade at the time. Later, when my son began going to public school, the twins stayed on as students. They continued trumpet lessons with me until they went off to university.

This Graduation March song was a piece I composed for them as a parting gift. They had been with me so long and had done such a terrific job, that I really wanted to do something special for them.

There is another video on YouTube of the twins playing this piece. You can listen to it here:

Writing in Vintage Styles

If you are familiar with my composition work, then you know that it is difficult to put into a category. Stylistically, when I am not trying to write in classic styles, my own style is familiar but not dated, but stylistically almost nebulous. So, writing strictly in a style from music history is not necessarily natural to me.

That’s why I enjoy it. I’ve written more than several works like Graduation March as exercises in classic styles. I can write 18th century fugues. I can write traditional American marches. This Graduation March song is a copy of the style of Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstances, which I have performed dozens of times, if not hundreds of times at school graduations both as a student and as a hired pro. I have performed it at high school graduations, college graduations, university graduations, elementary school graduations and even kindergarten graduations. So it was fun to write something like that just for kicks.

Skill Level

Graduation March trumpet quartet sheet music pdf sample score

Using our skill level system of seven levels, ranging from absolute beginner to virtuoso, this Graduation March song is at the Trumpet Apprentice skill level. That is level four of the seven levels.

It requires a bit of endurance and some fines. For some students it may be a bit difficult to get a good sound on the low notes when they are fatigued.

The piece is in E flat with a middle B section in A flat. It has fanfare sixteenth notes throughout, so the students will need good articulation skills.

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