Grey-Tude: Trumpet Improv 86

by Eddie Lewis

Grey-Tude: Trumpet Improv 86

Grey-Tude is what my trumpet improv videos sound like when the creative juices feel like they have dried up. This doesn’t happen to me often. When it does happen, it’s usually because of other things going on in my life.

I don’t mind telling you about the low “feelings” of creativity simply because I’m not much of a fan of feelings anyway. I only mention it here because I think it’s interesting.

One does not have to FEEL creative to be creative. And in fact, it is not uncommon for the uninspired performances to be regarded as the better ones by the listeners. This is an historic phenomenon common to all eras of music. What the audiences think is good is often times not in alignment with what the musicians think is good.

That’s why I have no reservations about posting this anyway. Grey-Tude is not of any lower quality than my other trumpet improv videos. It just didn’t flow the way I am used to.

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