Healing Prayer for Trumpet Quintet

Five Trumpet Piece

I’ve only ever written three trumpet quintets so far. It’s an odd instrumentation to compose for; odd in more ways than just the number of players.

One thing it does work nicely for is when you have four note chords (seventh chords mostly) with a doubling of the melody line. That’s something that stands out as this instrumentation’s strength. It adds a very rich sound to the music that wouldn’t be possible with three or four trumpet players.

Now that I’m thinking about it, there are two other pieces that I attempted to compose for five trumpets and ended up adding a sixth trumpet part because I simply couldn’t make it work. So yeah, these are pretty rare – for me anyway.

The Story Behind the Composition

The title, Healing Prayer, describes precisely what this composition is.

I don’t share private details, but I will say that someone in our family was not well and while I was praying for them to get better, this melody popped into my head. Instead of trying to dismiss the melody, I let it become part of the prayer. It’s difficult to explain.

But yes, that’s what this composition is. It really is a pray, a prayer for healing.

And guess what! The prayer was answered. So, that’s why the piece ends the way it does.

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