Hopewell Farm Gardens - fresh, seasonal vegetables.Forget about droopy vegetables that have been sitting on the shelf for days (or perhaps even weeks). Imagine sitting down to a meal prepared with vegetables that were picked that same day. Hopewell Farm is now making produce from its gardens available to the public. This means that you, too, can enjoy the benefits of eating a nutrient-rich harvest straight from the arms of mother earth.

Hopewell Farm is focused on small-scale produce production, and getting the harvest onto your table quickly. Unlike big agricultural commerce, the pursuit of the perfect colour and ideal shape for a vegetable is not nearly as important as producing a healthy plant that can deliver nutritious harvests.  We don’t guarantee that all the spinach leaves will have identical shapes and sizes. Or that our cabbages will be the perfect flattened soccer ball shape. The vegetables we offer you are the same vegetables we put on our own table. They come from our garden – the same garden you can purchase from – so while our vegetables are fresh and delicious, they are not the epitome of genetically-engineered perfection. Our vegetables are a bit like us: not quite picture perfect, but full of home-grown goodness.

When you choose Hopewell Farm as your source for fresh, seasonal vegetables, you become part of the effort to eat healthy, natural, fresh produce. Our crops change from season to season, so if eating produce straight from the farm appeals to you, contact us for information on the vegetables we currently have on offer. Typically, our gardens have: