How to Avoid Conflict: Q&A 30

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How to Avoid Conflict

We are having another live streaming Question and answer session today at 5:00 Houston time. We got a question on the video about off centered mouthpiece placement. The comment asks:

My teacher always yells at me for playing to the side.. I try to play to the middle but it hurts because my braces cut into my lips so I play to the side and she still does it. What should I say to her and it feels awkward to play in the middle so I keep to the side to avoid the pain 

First of all, in all matters dealing with band directors, I always tell people to do your best to do what they say. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about a problem that comes up.

What you want to do with a situation like this is educate yourself as much as possible. Before you bring the problem up with the teacher, get your facts straight. Learn the truth about the issue and then do something about it.

We will talk about it more in the live stream. But that is my general approach.

How to avoid conflict with band directors.

Open for Other Questions

We are also open for other questions. Please feel free to join us and ask any questions related to trumpet playing, or music in general.

Here’s a link to last week’s Q&A in case you missed it.

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