How to Make Jesus Christ Lord of Your Music

Is Jesus Christ Lord of your life? Why not make Him Lord of your music, too?

Behind the Wheel Update

This is our first Behind the Wheel video in a while. It’s not that I haven’t been recording them. I’ve done videos on most of the gigs. I just haven’t been posting them. The Holy Spirit was prompting me to hold back. So now I know what we are doing. After this post, we are going to make these videos available ONLY here on this blog. There;’s a way for me to do that and prevent people from clicking through to YouTube. That makes these Behind the Wheel videos just a little more private.

How to Make Jesus Christ Lord of Your Music

Eddie Lewis Trumpet Jesus Christ Lord of My Music
My name is Eddie Lewis. Jesus Christ is Lord of my life AND Lord of my music.

I was prompted to make this video after a short conversation with someone on Facebook Messenger.

I say this in the video, but let me say it here, too. I don’t have Facebook nor Facebook Messenger on my phone. And I rarely pop into Facebook on my computer. I am trying to use it mainly for business. So Facebook is NOT the best way to reach me. Please, I just didn’t want people to think that I am easily reached on that platform.

If that’s the only way you can reach me, then fine. Just don’t expect an immediate response.

So, let me tell the story quickly:

Someone contacted me on Facebook about something. In the short conversation we had, he said that he wanted to be like me. I may have sounded a bit ungrateful. I know it was a compliment, and I did thank him, but I also told him that if he keeps his eyes on Christ, he will become whatever he needs to “be”.

He thanked me, very politely, but then said something like, “but I was talking about trumpet.”

I said that it’s the same.

Once again, I know how ungrateful that sounds. But what I said was true and I have reached a time in my life when I believe speaking the truth has become paramount.

The Best Music DIY How-To EVER

In the last part of our conversation, I told him that “there is nothing about me worth emulating that didn’t come directly from Christ.” But here’s the thing. Statements such as that one often sound like “just words”. So this conversation stayed on my mind and in my heart for hours afterwards.

So I decided to put this video together that describes in detail what it means to make Jesus Christ LORD of your music. What does that mean? How do you live that way?

If this is something you would like to know, then watch the video.

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