How to Shorten a Trumpet Routine

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by Eddie Lewis

How to Shorten a Trumpet Routine

Today we’ll be talking about how to shorten a trumpet routine. This is a pertinent question for anyone who is trying to follow my 50% rule of practicing at least fifty percent music. If you are only going to practice for 30 minutes one day, how can you get a full routine done and still have time to practice music?

The answer is to scale everything. You do fewer exercises in each exercises category. This is an important point. The wrong approach is to only do ten minutes of an unaltered routine and skip the rest. No, what you want is to do fewer numbers of each type of exercise.

Another consideration is to make sure you play all of the exercises at their correct tempos. Do not allow yourself to give in to the temptation of playing everything faster. You will not get the full benefits of the routine if you do it like that.

Chops Express

After many years of teaching my students how to shorten the daily routines we use in the lessons, I finally wrote a book that did all that work for them. It’s called Chops Express. If you want a full routine that can be completed in the space of 15 minutes or less, Chops Express may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Chops Express follows all of the same format as the Daily Routines book, but has fewer exercises.

The nice thing about using Chops Express is that you can always add more material to expand it. So it doesn’t have to be ONLY a fifteen minute routine. You can, for example, add extra Tonalization studies (Chops Express routines only have four) to expand the routine to 20 minutes. Add more material to make it even longer. So it’s not only about making the routine shorter. Chops Express also gives you a lot more flexibility.

To learn more about chops express, click on the button:

Last Q and A Before We Shift Gears – again!

I have been trying to answer all questions that come in during the week at the weekly Q and A, but that hasn’t felt right. And last week, I forgot to check the questions that came into the website.

The original idea was to save time, because I’ve been having trouble keeping up with all the questions. But this just isn’t working. It’s kind of ruining the vibe of the Q and A. So we will go back again to just answering questions that come up live during the Q and A session.

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