Trumpet Q and A No. 31 – Increasing Range

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Increasing Range

We have two questions going into this week’s live Q and A session. The first one is about range. Someone sent me a private message on facebook asking:

Hi Mr. Eddie. Do you have any tips on improving the upper register. When I start to ascend my sound starts to thin out and the notes almost crack. How can I fix this?

We will talk about this first.

Results of Not Resting

Someone also asked on YouTube what happens when you don’t rest:

What bad things can happen to my lips if I don’t make the beat rest?

Physical Trumpet Stuff

Both of these questions are related, so we may shift back and forth between the two.

In my opinion, the physical stuff on trumpet is not as physical as we think. Range is certainly outwardly physical. But increasing range is not something that happens in your lips, or with your air. Increasing range comes from your subconscious mind. We will talk about how that works in the video.

Last Week’s Q and A

In last week’s live Q and A we talked about several great topics. Here’s a partial list:

  • How to get a dark sound in the upper register
  • Trumpet scale patterns
  • My Trumpet books
  • How to talk to band directors
  • Playing to the side
  • Trumpet range – merging upper register with lower register (One Range)
  • Tongue arch for high notes
  • Double tongue

If you missed last week’s Q and A, you can watch it by clicking HERE.

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