Live Stream Trumpet Q and A Today

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by Eddie Lewis

Wide Open Live Stream Q and A

Hello everyone!

We are wide open for today’s live stream Trumpet Q and A. I haven’t checked yet, but I don’t remember any questions coming in this week.

Funk Trumpet Etude
Click on the image to go to a
free download of this jazz
trumpet funk etude.

3 for 3

The good news today is that all three of my etudes were chosen for this year’s Texas All-State Jazz tryouts. That’s three years in a row now that they chose all three of my etudes.

They have been choosing at least one of my jazz etudes every year for over ten years. But these past three years they chose all three of the ones I submitted.

I also stopped sending trombone jazz etudes three years ago. For the past three years I have only been writing and submitting jazz trumpet etudes.

We can talk about being prepared for when the music comes out in the Q and A today. But you guys know I will not give you any hints about the music. I consider that to be unethical. We can talk more about the details of the etudes in next week’s Q and A when they are officially released.

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