Live Stream Trumpet Questions and Answers

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by Eddie Lewis

Trumpet Questions and Answers

We will be having another live stream Trumpet Questions and Answers session in a few hours, at 1:00 PM Houston time. We invite you to join us. There are plenty of people who ask questions and plenty of others who do not. You are welcomed either way.

This is live stream Trumpet Questions and Answers session number 57. I wrote in the description of the video that one more of these and we will have beat Heinz Ketchup. 🙂

Sometime in the future, when we have tens of thousands of subscribers and a team of people working on these videos, we will come back to these posts and reference specific questions with time stamps, so that you can go back to the videos and go straight to specific answers. That way you won’t have to watch the entire video without even knowing what we talked about. But for now, that’s not an option. The time it would take (and it’s something I would have to pay someone for because I am already swamped as it is) is not something that would be minimum wage justifiable.

I hope that makes sense.

Almost Weekly Sessions

If this is your first time hearing about these weekly Trumpet Question and Answer sessions, then welcome to our little community. We don’t typically meet EVERY week, because of my performance schedule. However, musicians are still not working because of the mass hysteria surrounding the virus. Our entire industry has been wiped out. So yes, for most of this year (2020), the live stream Trumpet Question and Answer Sessions have been weekly and consistent. So, now’s the time if you feel like joining us.

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