Live Trumpet Help: Q and A No. 27

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Live Trumpet Help

We are gearing up for the next live trumpet help Q and A session. We are on number 27 now. Exciting!

If you have any questions about music or trumpet, please feel free to join us. These do NOT need to be questions about how to play trumpet. They can be anything trumpet or music related. In that sense, these Q and A sessions are a lot like conversations.

Difference Between Good and Excellent

One question we will answer in the live session is how can you know the difference between a good player and a great player….or a good performance and a great performance. This is a question I’ve answered before, but not in this precise way. And I don’t mind exploring some ideas with you on this subject.

So tune in if you are free. We’ll have a little fun talking trumpet shop!

Here’s a link to last week’s Q and A in case you missed it.

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