Live Trumpet Q&A No. 24

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Live Trumpet Q&A

It has been over a month since our last live trumpet Q&A session. Between multiple gigs and makeup students, it wasn’t possible to make time for it.

Remember, we start at 9:30 AM Houston time on Saturday.

Tomorrow’s Topics (If there’s enough time)

I have students in the morning, so I will try to get through as many of these as I can before we have to stop.

Recording Duet Videos

We got a question about the process of recording multi-part videos. I will explain the equipment and part of the process. It’s not complicated, but there are a number of steps, so it’s not exactly easy, either. Just very time consuming the way I have it setup right now.

The main thing I like to tell people about this sort of thing is that you use what you have access to, or what you can afford. My equipment is not amazing. But it works for me and that’s good enough.

Recommended Lip Balm

We received a question about lip balms. I have plans for another more formal video on the topic, but for now we are going to cover the basics.

Age for Skype

Can beginners take skype lessons? My answer is, “it depends”. I don’t think absolute beginners should take skype lessons unless there is no alternative. But we will talk about the details in the video.

Other Topics

If there are no live questions, we may cover a few other topics if there is time left over. We may talk about attitude and trumpet teachers who have “all the answers”.

Live Trumpet Q&A No. 24

Streaming live trumpet Q&A session. This is number 24 in the series. We will be talking about lip balms and recording duets.

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