Major Scale Expansion Studies for Trumpet

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Most people who know about my teaching method know about the Tonalization Studies. I often tell people that the Tonalization Studies are, in some ways, the most important exercises that I teach. They deliver the greatest benefits for the least amount of time and effort invested. What some people don’t know is that I do not typically begin a student on the Tonalization Studies if they don’t know their scales yet. To learn a new scale, before practicing the Tonalization Studies, I teach what I call Scale Expansion Studies.

Major Scale Expansion Exercises for TrumpetVery Important

What’s very important to remember about these exercises is that they are not meant to be used as a daily rudiment study. They are introductory exercises. Once you have completed the expansion series for a particular scale, it’s important to put these exercises away and begin incorporating the Tonalization Studies for that key into your daily routine.

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