Morning Sun Lifts My Heart – Free Improv 89

by Eddie Lewis

Morning Sun Lifts My Heart

Free Improvisation Number 89

These free improvisations have been growing more difficult to record lately. I guess a word for it would be “uninspired”.

When I first began recording these, it was exciting! And that excitement kind of carried the creative juices forward. But now we are ninety recordings into it, several years later, and it is difficult to not play stuff that sounds JUST LIKE the previous free improvisations.

For that reason, I may take a break after 100. I’m not 100% sure yet what direction I will go at that point. I have some ideas, but I’m not ready to share them yet.

Morning Sun - Dawn on the Bayou
Sunrise in the Bayou

Are You a Morning Person?

I went a couple decades with hours that kept me up late at night. It started at university, but then continued into the 90’s when I was gigging a lot more than I do today. During those rare moments when I did get to experience a beautiful sunrise, it always reminded me that a part of life that I loved was being removed from my life.

Now I have more normal hours. I see lots of sunrises. They are beautiful always.

The photo above is one of many sunrise photos I’ve taken. This was from the last fishing trip I ever took with my father. So it’s a special photo to me.

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