The musicians survival guide is a series of posts about staying afloat in the music business during slow times. Whether they be seasonal lulls or downturns in the economic climate, most musicians must find ways to survive and cope with the situation long enough to see light at the other end of the tunnel. I am a firm believer that this sort of survival is a large determining factor in the success of any musician’s career. As Clifford Brown used to say,

“There’s always the financial angle,” he (Clifford Brown) once said, “the financial angle is a tough one. There are always a lot of guys who sound very promising but what happens to them depends a great deal on economics.”
From Clifford Brown, a biography by Nick Catalano

Weathering the ups and downs gives us strength but most of us go into this business without the skills to survive. My hope is to give you a little hope and a lot of practical ideas about how to get through these more difficult periods.In writing this series about how to survive the slow times, I am basically showing you how to turn that around so that there are no more slow times. Your success during the more busy times of the year can be greatly enhanced by what you do during the times when there are no gigs. So take advantage of that time the best you can.

Remember, each time you survive one of the slow periods in your career, you have just officially graduated to a new level. Looking at it that way changes the game a little.

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