New Year’s Eve Gig at Annies

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The Woodlands First Baptist Church Stained Glass
Stained Glass from The Woodlands First Baptist Church

Out With the Old, In With the New

There were lots and lots of gigs and performances over the past month and its nice to sit now and reflect on it all. It all came to an end with a New Years Eve gig at Annies restaurant in the Gallaria area. January, in contrast, is typically a slow month for performances. Which is great because there are other things that need to be done. Stuff like getting more of these books published.

The book publishing had to be put on “slow go” because of all the performances and students. We did manage to get some work done on one of the duet books, which will be available soon. And we are looking at getting back on the by-weekly schedule now that the gigs have slowed.

Heres the cover for the new duet book. This is the first book in a serious of seven books. This one is for the absolute beginners. We will tell your more about it as we get closer to releasing it.

A Few Photos from December

Here are a few photos from earlier in December.

Texas Brass Graduation
We did three consecutive graduation ceremonies in one day with the Texas Brass Quintet. This is the best brass quintet in Houston. If you dont believe me, check them out sometime. Youll love it!
Woodlands Symphony Orchestra
The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra from the third trumpet chair.
Woodlands Symphony Orchestra Low Brass
The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra Low Brass Section.
Woodlands Symphony Orchestra Trumpets
Woodlands Symphony Orchestra Trumpet section.

Orchestra Gigs

In December I did two orchestra gigs. I do not normally pursue orchestra gigs, but I will do them as long as it is not a long term commitment. So usually I will only sub for the group when the regular can not make it. This was my second time playing for The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra. I was called in at the last minute to help fill out the section.

The previous orchestra gig was with Houstons Latin Philharmonic Orchestra. It was my third time working with that group over the past three years.

The Forest Club With The Grooves Horns
Horn section for The Grooves working at the Forest Club. Left to right are Paul Peacock, Carl Mueller, Martin Langford and yours truly.
broken shoe
A couple weeks into the month my favorite tux shoes broke. I had to finish the month off wearing Alexs old marching shoes from high school.
This is not a gig photo, but I thought I would share. Pearl and I saw this armadillo on one of our morning runs. This was in someones yard.

New Years Eve Gig at Annies

For New Years Eve I worked with the Richard Brown band at Annies restaurant in the Galleria area. The gig at Annies was fun and the patrons really enjoyed it.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet
Eddie Lewis playing his Puje 5 on New Years Eve 2019.
The Band Stand
Our bandstand for the evening.
Gig at Annies Restaurant

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  1. Johnny Adicks

    WOW! You have been a very busy man. To fix your shoe, Get “Shoe Goo”, it will hold if applied correctly. It may save you a shoe repair bill.

    • Eddie Lewis

      Thanks Johnny. I’ll give that a try. Happy New Year! It’s always great to hear from you.

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