On His Word Easy Trumpet Trio

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by Eddie Lewis

Easy trumpet trio sheet music for On His Word is available at:

On His Word

On His Word easy trumpet trio sheet music pdf

On His Word is a trumpet trio that I wrote for the home school trumpet group I used to host when my son was in elementary school. I home schooled my son from kindergarten through seventh grade. He played in a home school band and we got to know some of the other kids from other families. They joined us and we began meeting weekly. We did that for a few years I think.

For most of that time we had six members. The trios were all doubled up, two to a part.

This was basically a group of beginners when we started. The songs I wrote for the group were all educational in nature, but also meant to be performed in public.

Chromatic Scale Application

I believe it’s important to apply technique after you’ve learned it. This is always preferrable to the more common way of learning these things. What common way? You know… Something pops up in your music that you can’t do yet, and you scramble to learn that new skill while at the same time trying to learn the piece of music too. That’s a terrible way to learn the trumpet. Unfortunately, that’s how most people learn.

What I prefer is to learn the skill as early in your development as possible. Then, after you learn that skill, learn a piece of music that incorporates that skill with other skills that you can already do. I call that the “integration phase” of the learning process.

When you learn this way, there’s no need to scramble through the learning process of acquiring that new skill. You can take your time and master the skill first, and THEN apply it musically when you are ready.

Imagine how different playing the trumpet would be if you mastered each skill this way before you were forced to use that skill in a musical context. These chromatic pieces are an important part of that process. Learn the skill first, then apply it musically in a controlled environment. Then you will be ready when it pops up in your other music.

On His Word – Skill Level

On His Word easy trumpet trio sheet music sample part

I wrote this trumpet trio for specific students. While the skill level assigned to this is Trumpet Tyro, the second of our two beginner levels, it is just a little more difficult in practice than what it looks like on paper. The range is right for the Tyro level. The rhythms are right. Everything fits right in with the Tyro Level, but the way the part is written, it is really at the high end of Tyro.

The piece can be more playable by the Trumpet Tyro students if the piece is slowed down. When we did it with the home school trumpet group, we used practice techniques to learn the piece. If you use similar techniques and slow the tempo down, then it is very much accessible to those less skilled students.

Score Video

The reason we are posting this as a score video, and not a live recording video, is because the recording was done before I started doing the videos. On His Word is one of the pieces from my Trumpet Quasi Master album. I recorded that album about two years before I started making the YouTube videos.

Trumpet trio sheet music for On His Word is available at:

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