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The One Range Book Now Available

Good news everyone. The One Range book is finally available. If you are looking for a book to help you with your trumpet range and chops in general, then read the rest of this article for more information.

The One Range book helps you design your practice sessions in a way that will give you maximum physical benefit on the trumpet. When you practice according to the One Range strategy, you encourage embouchure strength and range familiarity at the same time. In the trumpet community we refer to these strengths as “trumpet chops”.

Embouchure strength is what gives you access to greater trumpet range, longer endurance and a better sound. Range familiarity trains your mind and body to hear the notes in the upper register properly, giving you accuracy and technique.

Strength development is important in growing your trumpet range. Strength is the gateway. Without embouchure strength, you don’t have access to the higher register. But strength by itself is not enough. It doesn’t help to have access to trumpet high notes if you don’t have the ability to use them in a musically meaningful way. The One Range strategy helps you develop the range and endurance without sacrificing the more musical aspects of your musicianship.

What’s In the One Range Book?

The first half of the book explains the concepts behind the One Range approach to trumpet practicing. We discuss how to build trumpet embouchure strength in a musically practical way. We also discuss the importance of full range trumpet practice (which fosters range familiarity). We talk about how practicing music insures that your efforts in the practice room remain 100% applicable to what you do on stage with the 50% rule.

The second half of the One Range book spells out the practice strategy in detail. The strategy takes all of the concepts outlined in the first half of the book and puts them into action.

Use With My Other Trumpet Books – Or Not

You can implement the practice strategies in the One Range book without using my other trumpet books. I went out of my way to write this One Range book in a way that it can be applicable to everyone, regardless of where you source your trumpet practice materials. That said, the One Range book was written as a guide to help people figure out what to do with my other trumpet books.

One Range: Trumpet Chops Strategy Guide for Trumpet Range and Endurance

As of now, I have written about twenty trumpet routines available from a variety of sources. I spend a lot of time answering questions about what to do with the routines. The One Range book is the answer to those questions. It is now my official “method” that I use for all of my students to help them navigate all of the trumpet materials I’ve written. From now on, whenever someone asks about my approach to trumpet range, I will tell them about the One Range book.

But the One Range concept works just as well with other trumpet practice materials. The only difference between my trumpet books and other trumpet teachers’ routines you might find from other sources is that my routines were written to conform to this One Range concept. There is very little effort necessary on your part to get started with the One Range approach if you use my trumpet books.

If you use other exercises from other sources, then you can make the One Range approach work if you modify the exercises to conform to the One Range requirements. It’s just a matter of how much work you want to invest before you can apply the concept.

Trumpet Range and Endurance

I have been called a “trumpet chops doctor” since the 1990’s. I don’t really like that title, but I have been giving trumpet players range and endurance advice for a long time now. Part of the reason why I have so much to share in that area is because trumpet range used to be one of my worst qualities as a player.

I built my trumpet range to what it is today while being cut off from the influence of people who taught the physical side of the instrument. I had great teachers but trumpet range was not one of their strengths. The One Range book is the ultimate explanation of how I built my range to what it is today.

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As of now, the One Range book is only available as a paperback. Look for it at the following online stores:

Update: One Range eBooks Available:

Any Trumpet Chops Questions?

I am glad to answer any questions you have about the book. Please click HERE to go to our contact form. Even though the One Range concept is rooted in traditional trumpet pedagogy, it is different. It is more involved than just pulling out an exercise book and playing through it every day. The One Range concept requires you to think about your practice time in broader terms, thinking in bigger chunks of time. So I am more than happy to answer your questions to help clarify the concept.

What Are Trumpet Chops?

Trumpet players refer to their physical skills as chops. More specifically, your trumpet chops are your lips. We talk about someone who has good trumpet range and good trumpet endurance as having good trumpet chops. It is slang, but the term “trumpet chops” is commonly used in the trumpet community.

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  1. Anthony Tosti

    I was fortunate to receive the One Range several weeks ago. All my life I’ve been doing it wrong.
    Especially when I got a new mouthpiece, the first thing was to see high I could go. Not very.
    So here I am at 90 yrs. and I now have a chance to get it right.! Thank-You Maestro.
    Maybe I’ll be ready for Gabriel’s Band.

    • Eddie Lewis

      I’m glad you are enjoying the One Range book, Anthony! I’m here to answer any questions you have about it. And thank you for your kind words.

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