Open Live Session Today (Friday 2/14)

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Open Live Session Today

I want to invite you to our open live session today, Trumpet Q and A No. 32. Yeah, 32 live sessions already.

we don’t have any questions today before the video starts, so the topics are completely open for you to participate in any way you wish.

Everyone Has Value

open live session

I received a comment the other day from one of our regular watchers. He said in a very complimentary way that what he learns from my videos, both the open live sessions and what I call the “youtube features”, he would have to pay “good money” to get that information somewhere else.

Well, that’s true. And you might wonder why I would do this. Why offer for free the information that people would typically have to pay for?

Because I don’t sell “information”. I make my money helping people. Information is almost worthless without wisdom. Wisdom is where I make money.

So yeah, I like helping people with information. I make my money with the other stuff.

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