What’s Wrong With Mindless Practice?

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Most music teachers warn against the dangers of mindless practice, and rightfully so. Most of our earlier musical efforts would be wasted if we practice mindlessly, never thinking about the quality of our work and just simply tackling the music … Continued

Youtube Video: Sarabande by Eddie Lewis

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This is a promotional video we made for the Celebrations book andthe Vintage Trumpet Treasures CD. Celebrations is a book of 101 original trumpet duets covering every possible skill level. This Sarabande is in five four time, which offers a … Continued

My Plunger Story

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Originally, I never really had any interest in using the plunger mute as a jazz soloist. I thought it was a gimmick, much like circular breathing and clip-on neon lights (which were the big fad in the early 90’s). In … Continued