Peaceful and Still: Free Improv 72

Peaceful and Still

This installment from our Free Improv video series I am striving to reach towards a more Christmasy theme. I realize that this is not as interesting to people who typically listen to free improv recordings. The truth is, these recordings are part of my musical journey.

I appreciate the great free improv that other trumpet players are doing. I like to listen to trumpet players like Peter Evans. His free improv recordings are so extremely masterful. And I know that what I do is absolutely nothing like his stuff.

But my music is heading in a different direction.

Don’t get me wrong. I also enjoy performing the more intense stuff. I’ve done a few free improv performances with some friends here in Houston. I enjoy doing that stuff. I can do it. The people who enjoy that stuff like the way I play in those contexts. I’m not anywhere near as good as someone like Peter Evans, but like I said, people like it.

But I am searching for something in my own sound that doesn’t lean in that direction. And the truth is, these free improv videos help me explore the sounds that will eventually lead to “my sound”.

That’s not to say that this video represents the sound I’m searching for. All I’m saying is that I know that the crazy stuff is not it.

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