Pearl Brass Trio

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Pearl Brass Trio Sheet Music Score Video
by Eddie Lewis

Brass trio sheet music for Pearl is available at:

Pearl brass trio sheet music pdf

Pearl Brass Trio

Brass Trio Sheet Music PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Recorded live at Rice University at Dave Kirk’s faculty recital:
Eddie Lewis – Flugelhorn
Gavin Reed – Horn
Dave Kirk – Tuba

To begin with, Pearl is something of a sequel to my other brass trio with the same instrumentation. That piece is called Four Vignettes and was composed about a year before I wrote Pearl.

When I was asked to put on a performance of some of my original music, I asked Dave Kirk to join me and we did the Four Vignettes and I wrote Pearl as a compliment on the program to the Four Vignettes. We also added some of my original duets and a few unaccompanied solos to fill out the program.

Later, Dave Kirk approached me about programming Pearl on his next faculty recital. This was a huge honor and I jumped at the opportunity. It ended up becoming one of my most cherished musical memories of all time.

Symbolism in Pearl

There is a lot of symbolism in the mechanical aspects of the composition. Pearl is named after my wife, to whom I was engaged to when the piece was written. When I set out to write this brass trio, I wanted it to represent, in many different ways, the things I valued in my then future wife.

I have since lost all of my notes from when I was writing Pearl. It really doesn’t matter what the symbolism is. I used the symbolism to create music that can be interesting and enjoyable to listen to. Not to communicate some sort of secret message. 🙂 But there is a great deal of symbolism in the piece, more more so than I’ve ever used in any of my compositions.

Pearl Brass Trio Sheet Music PDF Sample Part

Pearl Skill Level

Because the brass trio was originally meant to be only a small part of a much longer program, I decided to keep the chops aspect of the piece to a minimum. The highest note in the flugelhorn part is B flat above the staff. And most of the music stays pretty much in the staff.

So we are putting this at the Trumpet Apprentice level. That’s the fourth level in our system.

Revisiting After All These Years

It’s very nice to revisit this piece after so many years. Today is our anniversary. I didn’t REALLY post it today because of that. I mean, ha ha, I’ve already done that in previous years. I’m sure it gets old after a while.

But when I was looking for a new score video to post, I saw that we hadn’t done one of those for Pearl yet. So I thought, yeah…. might as well post it since I’m posting these on Thursdays and our anniversary is this Thursday.

So yeah, I dug it back out and listened to it. Then had to listen to it more to make the score video.

This is the kind of playing I wan’t to be remembered for. Not the crazy higher, faster, louder stuff that I have been known for all these years. When you listen to my playing in this video, THIS is who I really am.

Yes, I can do that other stuff, too.

But the more delicate stuff…. that stuff is special. Not just anyone can do that. And I’ve worked hard for decades to play that way. And it’s especially difficult to play that way when what you have to do when you are punching the clock is dance, play high notes, and do stuff that impresses people. So yeah, I like this stuff a lot.

I hope that this more subtle aspect of my musicianship is apparent in the other recordings I post on YouTube. This really is what I want people to know about who I am as a trumpet player.

More Brass Trios?

I would like to write more of these brass trios for this instrumentation. The instrumentation I’m using here is not as common. Typical brass trio instrumentation is trumpet, horn and trombone. But there’s no way, not in my opinion, that the traditional instrumentation would ever sound as beautiful as my brass trio instrumentation.

Maybe someone will read this some day and say, “hey, I want to commission some of your brass trios” and send me a bunch of money to write some more of these wonderful peaces! 🙂

I do accept commission work… the way. I do a lousy job of advertising said commissions, but yes, that is one of the things I do. In case you are interested.

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