Pull from the Shore

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Philip P. Bliss, Harlan D. Sorrell
Eddie Lewis Trumpet

From or For?

This week we have another Unadorned Trumpet Hymn. This time I searched for something based on the theme of being held captive in our own homes. The lyrics of this hymn, Pull from the Shore, don’t fit our situations exactly, but the piece did pop out at me and I decided to do it.

It turns out that no one has recorded this hymn on YouTube yet???? Let me double check that again…

Okay, if I put the title in quotation marks, then there are a couple that come up. Both are from the same organist and both have very few views:

In the process of looking for recordings of this hymn, I discovered that there is a more popular folk song (I think it’s a folk song) called Pull for the Shore (for instead of from). The two are similar, but the more popular one doesn’t seem to be Christian. The melody was quite a bit different, but the style is the same.

Pull from the Shore

Pull from the Shore

Pull FROM the Shore comes up as a hymn about freedom from captivity. And actually, now that I am re-reading the lyrics, it does actually apply to our current situation quite well.

I haven’t said much about my opinions about the lockdowns on this blog, because I am trying to avoid “sounding politcal”. But believe me, my opinions are anything BUT political. I suspect that the people who accuse me of being political when they hear what I have to say about the lockdowns are actually responding the way they do because THEY are the ones to which this is a political topic.


I’m still not going to get into that subject here, but I want to share with you where my thoughts are from a Christian perspective with all of this stuff.

It pains me to see Christian men and women just believing everything they are told, without question, and in doing so, going against their Christian faith. These are people who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, willingly cowering to the fear that is being fed to them daily.

They are in captivity!

And what the Holy Spirit has been telling me lately is that, even though I am living under the same exact conditions as those who are cowering in fear, I am free. I’ve been liberated by the blood shed by Christ Jesus!

So I wanted to choose a hymn today that basically encourages other Christians to Pull from the Shore. The hymn says:

Heed not the Babel cry, nor yet Satan’s roar;

Don’t listen to that stuff!

Don’t feed your mind and your heart on the lies of Babel!

They say that satan is the great deceiver. He wants you to think that there is a “new normal”. He wants you to be afraid and will use his minions to feed you whatever makes you afraid.

My Male Role Models

We live in a time right now when it’s difficult to find strong male role models. I struggled with this for years until recently when I realized that the Bible gives me as many male role models as I could possibly ever want. And I don’t mean “what would Jesus do” kind of stuff. I mean actually reading the stories in the Bible and seeing those God fearing men as my role model.

By reading the Bible, I don’t only see them as history. I see Abraham as a father figure. I see Paul as a big brother. This has satiated my apatite for strong male role models and I am no longer seeking that kind of relationship in my life.

Why am I sharing that with you?

Because this “isolation” we are experiencing due to the virus is not new to me. Why is it so difficult to find STRONG male role models today? Because our society punishes men for being STRONG. So even if there were strong men ready to step into that role, we wouldn’t know it because they are all keeping that part of who they are under wraps.

But these things that the Holy Spirit is showing me lately are leading me to believe that this is all a smoke screen, a mirage meant to make us despair.

The truth is, if you are truly Christian and have given your life to Christ Jesus, then you are not confined to the situation. The people who punish men for being strong have no power over us. But here’s the thing, it’s time for us to start living in that truth.

It is time for us to walk in the supernatural power that comes from being one of Christ’s soldiers.

And yes, as the hymn suggests, the first step in making that happen is to push off the shore of Babylon and take that life boat into the deep sea of the Love of Jesus.

Sermon Over 🙂

Pull from the Shore Lyrics

Here are the full lyrics for Pull from the Shore:

  1. Light in the darkness, brother, day is at hand,
    See o’er the rolling Jordan fair Canaan’s land;
    Hark! O my captive brother, bondage is o’er,
    Leave the poor old human craft, and pull from the shore.
    • Refrain:
      Pull from the shore, brother, pull from the shore;
      Heed not the Babel cry, nor yet Satan’s roar;
      Christ is the lifeboat, brother, cling to sect no more,
      Leave the poor old stranded wreck and pull from the shore.
  2. Stay in the lifeboat, brother, all else will fail;
    Higher the surges dash and fiercer the gale;
    Heed not the stormy winds, though loudly they roar;
    Watch the “bright and morning Star,” and pull from the shore.
  3. Bright gleams the morning, brother, now we are free,
    Dark fogs now disappearing, Jesus we see;
    Out in the ocean of His love more and more,
    Glory, glory, hallelujah! pull from the shore.

I get many of these hymn lyrics from Timeless Truths website.

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