Q and A 35: Coronavirus Effects

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Howdee everyone! We are having our semiweekly live stream Trumpet Q and A today at 5:00 pm Houston time. I hope you will join us.

Coronavirus Effects on Trumpet Business

This week, the only question we have, going into the live stream, is about the effects of coronavirus hysteria on trumpet business. We see the coronavirus effects on the public right now. You can’t go out of the house without seeing signs of hysteria.

Pearl and I went to the grocery store early this morning because there is a special on cheese at Kroger. We wanted to stock up, not because of the coronavirus, but because that’s what we do. When something goes on sale, we buy a bunch of it and stock up.

While we were waiting in line, with our cheese and a few other items, the rest of the population was waiting in line as well, with weeks worth of food. :-( Most of these people were unhealthy and their carts were full of junk food.

Interestingly, on the way there, the streets were practically empty. The area has become almost a ghost town.

coronavirus effects on trumpet business

Coronavirus Effects on Business

We will talk about the effects of coronavirus on the music business in the video. I will say here that it’s a good time for Skype lessons if you are not feeling confident about going out.

Anyway, please feel free to join us for the live stream Q and A. We won’t spend the entire time talking about the virus because we won’t be part of the hysteria.

Last Week’s Q and A

Last week’s Q and A dealt with the subject of resting, among other things. You can click HERE to access that video.

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