Q and A 64 – Triple Fruit Project

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by Eddie Lewis

Triple Fruit Project

I have been “quiet” on YouTube and this blog lately. Those of you who have been keeping up with my goings on already know that this is because of this massive project we are working on right now.

I say massive, I really don’t know what other people would consider “massive”. Ha ha… I know that there is an illusion that musicians are lazy and don’t work at all. Which means non-musicians work REALLY HARD???

Well, the reason I say this is massive is because I’ve published books before… dozens of them. I’ve published recording albums before, not dozens, but probably more than my fair share. This project is a simultaneous release of a book and two albums. Each one of these is a big project of its own. We are doing all three of them at once…a triple fruit project….right?

The book is the Trumpet Hymn Duets book. (Pearl has designed a beautiful cover, by the way, using the church where I gave my life to Christ as a model.) Even though the hymns (duets) were already written, there is a LOT of work that goes into making sure the project is at the quality level we expect.

For example, I just went through all the separate duet files to make sure I was using the same font on each of them. And while I was doing this, I also discovered that some of the duets had different sized staves.

All of these things need to be cleaned up before we can upload the book and order a proof.

I rarely ask people to pray for me. But if you are inclined to do so, I ask that you pray that God will help us submit a flawless project for proofing. There can be no mistakes here because the time it takes to get a proof printed and sent, there is no time in our schedule for a second proof.

At the same time as when we will be releasing the book, we will also be releasing two albums. The first is simply an album of the duets themselves. We are doing this because a lot of people have told us how much they like these recordings. The other album is a set of play-along tracks so trumpet players can enjoy the book even if they don’t have someone to play the duets with.

It is our hope that all of these will be released at the same time…or at least close to the same time.

We have had delays in recent projects because of covid-19. That’s one of the reasons we are pushing ourselves so hard right now. If we want a mid-late November release, we need to get our products posted with enough time to compensate for these delays.

That said, I hope my language here does not sound overly confident. Ha ha… I try not to do what it says in the book of James about talking about future business. The Triple Fruit Project I outlined above is what we are striving for. Once the products are uploaded, then the success of those projects is in God’s hands. Not ours. And we accept His timing in all of it.

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  1. Steve Walker

    This sounds great, especially the book and the album with play along tracks.

  2. Mary

    The triple fruit project sounds to be fulfilling a real need. May it be as much a blessing to you as to your audience.

    I never get to a whole Q&A because family time takes precedence and today I had to leave just as you were talking about being in tune. Yes, even for classical players being in tune is meaningless for a lone instrument playing a single note with no musical context. It may or may not be at ‘concert pitch’ but that is only an issue if that is what the player is aiming for.

    Ha! … pitch and being in tune and how that is perceived is a potential minefield. Even those who claim to have perfect pitch really have learnt pitch … and sometimes the pitch they have learnt is not the same as the pitch someone else has learnt and that can be a problem! And I watch the guitarists tune their instruments with an electronic tuner and notice that they never check that the piano that they are playing alongside agrees with their tuner! It may have been tuned to concert pitch but that was probably over 6 months ago and it’s been sitting in a room with fluctuating temperatures ever since! And you and I both play instruments that are not ‘well tempered’.

    So for someone to post a comment about your playing like that is meaningless.

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