Q and A 65, Hymn Book Progress

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by Eddie Lewis

Wow, this week went by fast!

Here we are again, about to do another live, trumpet Q and A session. This is Q and A number sixty-five.

Hymn Book Progress

We are making progress on the Trumpet Hymn Duet book project. I am currently behind on one of our self-imposed deadlines. The final draft of the book was supposed to be done a couple of days ago. We missed that deadline for two reasons.

The first reason is because I spent a lot of the time doing the album instead. The website says that they recommend uploading the project six weeks in advance of the release date, because of covid-19. That forced us to rework our secondary deadlines and that time spent getting the album ready caused me to get behind on the book.

The second reason for the delay is that I keep rewriting the intro. I think I’m on my fourth version of the intro. Most of the rest of the book is finished.

This is not unusual. It’s the proper way to write. No one writes and has a perfect product the first time. But this one is taking longer than usual.

Getting Help with Score Videos

So, you may have noticed that we posted a new score video on YouTube this week. That wasn’t me. I’ve hired my son, Alex, to make and post score videos for us. I showed him all the steps I take when I’m making the videos. Now it’s old hat for him. He’s done at least half a dozen so far.

I decided to hire Alex to do these videos to keep the channel a little more active while we get this book project finished. There are a lot of these pieces I’ve written that still need score videos, so this will keep him busy for a while.

That’s what’s new on this end. Let us know what you’ve been up to, or join us for the Q and A and hang out with us for a while.

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