Scurrying – A Christmas Themed Improv

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Scurrying – A Free Improvisation

Scurrying mouse under the tree.
verb: move hurriedly with short quick steps.

This week’s video from my Free Improvisation video series is a Christmas themed “night before Christmas” story. Close your eyes and imagine, as you listen to the recording, those old Children’s movies you used to watch as a kid, with the mice scurrying around under the Christmas tree.

Imagine the mice darting in and out from behind the different gifts. Christmas presents wrapped in pretty paper and looking like they were almost tossed beneath the tree by a fat, jolly, old man who was in a hurry because he had millions of other homes to visit before he could rest.

That’s one of the nice things about these free improvisation videos. They do tell stories if you will stop listening with trumpet ears and let your imagination unfold with the music.

73 Improvisation Videos!

We are almost three quarters of the way to 100 improvisation videos. I remember the first free improvisation video I did. It was almost like when I recorded my first hymns and published them as an album (Unadorned Trumpet Hymns). Even though it was something that felt right to me, from the very beginning, I wasn’t sure anyone would ever be interested in them, at all.

Turns out the free improv videos are sort of popular. Well, popular in a “hey, your still a nobody” sense. Ha ha ha… The free improv videos are not nearly as popular as my hymn videos (people around the world are listening to the hymns daily), but some of them have hundreds of views and one already has over a thousand. That’s a LOT more views than I ever thought they would get.

So yeah, it’s nice to be working towards that 100 Free Improv milestone. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Merry Christmas

Before I sign off on this one, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas from Pearl and I. I am scheduling hymn videos for Christmas even and Christmas day, but I know you will be busy and I won’t take offense if you don’t have time to listen. So I’ll take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas now!

To check out some of our other Christmas themed Free Improvisation videos here are a few links:

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