Stardust Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music PDF

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Hoagy Charmichael, Mitchell Parish
Eddie Lewis Trumpet

Stardust Trumpet Quartet

Stardust Trumpet Quartet

Trumpet ensemble music is trending right now. I think it’s because of the notorious lockdown. Trumpet players are replacing their regular band time with multi-track recordings that they either cover all the parts themselves or they work collaboratively with their trumpet player buddies.

But sometimes it’s difficult to find music to record that you will enjoy recording as much as your online audiences will enjoy listening to. In answer to that predicament, Stardust is a beautiful ballad that is also popular. Stardust is a classic. Most people who know it love it!

Stardust was originally recorded by the composer, Hoagy Charmichael, but has become a hit for almost every big band and jazz artist in the history of American music. It was even sung by some pop stars like Willie Nelson and Nat King Cole.

Writing Trumpet Arrangements

If you look through our catalogue, either on Tiger Music or on Sheet Music Plus, you should notice that we publish mostly original compositions, not arrangements. This may seem a little less true lately, since we’ve been publishing the Trumpet Hymn Duets. But when you look at the full catalogue, less than half of what we publish are arrangements.

The reason we do this is a practical one. We make more money on the originals. The exception to that rule is when the arrangements are of public domain pieces.

But we still publish some arrangements like this Stardust trumpet quartet. I think the main reason we do this is for advertising. What’s funny is that it hasn’t really worked out very well in that regard. Even though I feel these arrangements are at a higher quality level than many similar arrangements on the market, we actually sell very few of them. But the idea is to post arrangements of some popular pieces (like this Stardust trumpet quartet arrangement) in hopes that people interested in these arrangements will eventually be introduced to my originals. It just hasn’t been working out that way. We don’t sell many of these arrangements at all.

I take that as a compliment, actually, the fact that our original stuff sells better than arrangements of very popular tunes. That means people really like the compositions. They wouldn’t be coming back for more like that if they didn’t like them.

Stardust Trumpet Quartet Trumpet 1 Sample

About the Arrangement

The skill level for the first part in this Stardust trumpet quartet arrangement is advanced. This is because there is a written high F Sharp towards the end of the piece. The other parts don’t have nearly that kind of range.

Other than the range in the first part, the piece is fairly simple. There are some breath control issues, if you want to play it the way I did in the video. However, I do believe the arrangement is very forgiving with breaths. Just be careful when you breathe not to clip the notes. Tapper the end of the previous note, take a deep breath, and then lightly tongue the next phrase. Otherwise the piece will become clumpy.

This Stardust trumpet quartet arrangement is just short of three minutes. It would make a beautiful “contrasting work” for a trumpet recital or chamber music concert.

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