Still Small Voice Easy Trumpet Trio

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by Eddie Lewis

Easy trumpet quartet sheet music for Still Small Voice is available at:

Easy Trumpet Quartet

Still Small Voice is the third of four new easy trumpet ensembles we are publishing this month. We also published on old easy ensemble that was never published before, for some reason.

Still Small Voice Easy Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music PDF Cover Art
Cover art by Dr. Pearl Lewis

I don’t mind telling you that we are focusing on these easy ensembles specifically to fill out that end of our You Play First Chair trumpet play-along videos. Yes, they are all available for purchase, but the primary motivation is for the YPFC series.

And we’re not done with that yet. I want to have at least a dozen of the easy and a dozen of the beginner pieces.

In case you don’t know already, when I use the word “easy” in the instrumentation, that is a specific skill level. In our system it is the second of seven skill levels. We call it the Trumpet Tyro Skill Level. It has a range up to fourth space E and keys up to three flats and three sharps. There are other parameters, but those are the main ones people usually ask about.

We have a You Play First Chair video for this composition which gives you the opportunity to take the piece for a test drive:

Still Small Voice

Almost all of my recent compositions have Christians/biblical titles and themes. When I first began doing this, people told me that this is going to hurt my sales. That made me want to do more music that way. And I have.

Most of the music I write originates as inspirations. And inspiration is an idea that comes into my mind unbidden. I don’t try to “get” those ideas. They just show up in my mind without any effort.

For that reason, I consider these inspirations to be gifts from God. When I get them, I quickly write them down. I now have hundreds of them and at this point it is impossible for me to use them all in my lifetime.

Why am I telling you this?

Because Still Small Voice I write differently. I was sitting watching TV while I wrote, without any inspiration. The goal was to sit and write the old fashioned way. I turned the playback off and “listened” to what I was writing in my mind’s ear.

There were many years, beginning in my late 20’s, when this was the only way I could compose. These were the years when I didn’t have a piano and before I started composing on computers.

On a side note, I am so thankful for those years of my composition career. I used to call them my “dark years” because I had no way of checking the pitches of my compositions. It was all in my head. Using a computer AFTER developing that part of your mind first is a powerful combination.

Anyway, for this piece, Still Small Voice, I wanted to try writing from scratch, in “dark mode” again. Just to flex those mind muscles again.

Now, let me clarify that I do not believe, just because I didn’t use one of the hundreds of inspirations that God has given me, that I composed this piece “without God” so to speak. Absolutely not! I involve the Holy Spirit in the process of composing.

When the piece was finished and I didn’t have a title, I asked the Holy Spirit what I should name it, almost in passing. I remember where I was and what I was doing when He answered. I was walking out of the bedroom, getting ready to take a shower. You know, every day boring stuff. And He answered. He said that I should call it “Still Small Voice”.

1 Kings 19

At first I didn’t understand, but I was obedient. It was only when I looked it up when I understood the title. In 1 Kings 19. Elijah was told to stand at the entrance of his cave. God sent strong winds, earthquakes and fire. And the Bible says that He wasn’t in those things. But then God spoke to Elijah in a “still small voice”.

Because of this Covid fiasco, we are all standing at the edge of our caves and our world is being assaulted. But to hear from God, we need to be listening to that still small voice.

Now I understand the title.

Weird, hey?

It’s just an educational trumpet quartet. An easy trumpet quartet with such a massively relevant title. Alleluia!

You know, that’s not normal. Usually easy educational pieces have extremely patronizing titles.

But I never spoke baby talk to my son, and it makes sense that I would never write overly pedantic music for beginners either. My music is only “easy” because I wrote it within the parameters of that skill level. There is nothing less dignified about my beginner pieces than any of my other compositions.

That’s why I often include these pieces on my digital albums. And in fact, this piece and the other easy pieces will be on my next trumpet ensemble album (it will be my third – the first was Trumpet Quasi Master, and the second was First Trumpet Fruits).

What’s really interesting about these easy, educational pieces, is that I often get more compliments about these pieces (from people who couldn’t possibly know that they are educational and easy) than we ever get from the more difficult pieces.

About the Arrangement

Still Small Voice Easy Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music PDF Sample Part
Still Small Voice sample first part.

The reason I wrote Still Small Voice was because the previous two “easy” compositions were way too close to the edge for the next higher level. Technically, they still fall within the Trumpet Tyro Skill Level, but there is too much material for it to be easy for that skill level.

Does that make sense?

The music is easy enough for students of that skill level to play if they work on it, and practice properly. But it won’t be easy. They will need to spend time on those pieces to make them work well.

But this piece, Still Small Voice, is something a tyro can play and not have to invest as much effort. It still requires some practice and rehearsal, but not nearly as much as the other two pieces we recently published (Tyro Tykes and Sufficient Grace).

Easy trumpet quartet sheet music for Still Small Voice is available at:

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